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Quinn Hineman

Quinn has been a licensed electrician in the state of NC for over 40 years. Currently Quinn is focusing on service work - hanging fixtures, repairing defective devices, and so on. He also works up all bids & estimates as well as looking at potential jobs with our clients. Most of his jobs entail trouble shooting or jobs where two men are just not necessary. One thing that we have found through the years that makes an impact on customers is the fact that we try to maintain a personal touch. The majority of the time Debbie is home answering calls and taking messages. Sure there are times when both Quinn & Debbie may be out of the office, but we strive to always return calls in a prompt manner and keep in communication with our clients before & after the electrical work has been done. Also, when we are roughing in a new home, Quinn personally meets with the client to go over their needs and desires in respect to the rough in wiring... desired height of switches/receptacles, fixture location, etc. etc. This personal meeting (at no charge to the client) can take up to four hours depending on how far an individual wants to go beyond basic electrical requirements. Every home is taken very seriously and we want to insure that each client is happy with the end result of the electrical work that we do. We believe that the personal & individualized service we provide is what keeps our clients coming back again and again!