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Appalachian Electric has moved BUT we are still serving the Ashe, Avery, Watauga, & Wilkes Counties. We now live in the beautiful town of West Jefferson in the loveliest corner of NC!  

You can reach us via email in our contact page or our phone number in Jefferson is 336-846-7977.

Thank you so much for your patience as we make improvements to our page! God bless you all bunches, Debbie & Quinn

May 2022 be your best year ever!!

Some History:  Due to economic conditions, Appalachian Electric had to make some dramatic changes.  As of March 2011, we had to lay off our long time employees Junior & Jacob.  As a result of this downsizing, we will no longer be able to commit to large electrical projects. Instead, we will concentrate on smaller wiring endeavors, service work, lightning protection, and such as that. Quinn will do the majority of the electrical work himself unless Debbie, his wife, is needed to assist.

As always, we strive to keep a personal touch in our electrical business. We care about our clients and consider each one a friend. Feel free to call us if you have an electrical need or would just like to bounce an idea off Quinn for his electrical advice. Quinn has been in business for over 40+years so he has seen about every electrical problem you might imagine.  Let him help you resolve any electrical issues you may have. This philosophy is part of what keeps our clients referring us to others. In fact, a large portion of our business has been generated through word of mouth - a great testament to our work ethic and personal service.

So, now, look around your home, condo, or apartment. What can Appalachian Electric do to help you?  Call us at 336-846-7977 or email us at


Owners Quinn and Debbie Hineman with our past company mascot and pet Sami.  Unfortunately, we lost Sami in March of 2014.  We went through the next few months missing Sami very much and trying to fill the void that she left.... in August 2014, we gave in to our desire for a new addition to our family.  Dick & Jane came our way late summer 2014 and, even though it has been a challenge to have 2 dogs, rather than one, we are managing.  They both have their own little personalities and we are thankful for them every day.  


On one of our recent wiring jobs, Quinn was fortunate enough to have the assistance of Winston the pug! Winston is from Weston FL. Every time it was possible, Winston would sit right up close to Quinn like he was assisting him in the work he was doing! What a hoot!

Quinn with doggie

Quinn with his newest assistant, Winston, on a wiring job in Valle Crucis

New Sign

Quinn & Debbie's new sign in Ashe County is on Main Street in Jefferson NC -  you can't miss our sign - it is right across the street from our friend & dentist Dr. Joel Yates.  :)

Again, their concentration will be in service work, lightning protection, etc... we focus on the smaller jobs that most large contractors with employees just don't have time for.... 

The new Appalachian Electric sign right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Wilkes County

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Our home in Jefferson, NC.  We are currently undergoing some construction at our home and we'll post a new photo soon.  

Our lovely home in Jefferson NC!!  

Our youngest son David with his wife and two of our precious grandchildren (whom we don't see near enough but when our property sells then we plan to do A LOT of spending time with these two and our other four!!) 




Our middle son Derrick lives in San Antonio Texas with his wife Ana and our youngest grandson Jameson.  We are so anxious to get down for a visit so Jameson can take us on a tour of the big San Antonio Zoo, which he knows like the back of his hand because he goes as often as he can!!


Our oldest son Daniel lives in Athens TN with his wife Joyce and two of our other grandchildren Riley & Gabe.  We are so blessed with grandchildren and can't believe they are growing so much!  (Makes us feel old!) 

This is a photo of Daniel and Gabe before his prom.  Daniel is 6'6" and we can tell that Gabe is almost as tall as his dad!  OMG!  Below is a great photo of Riley out fishing with his dad.  Fun times!! 







Our Favorite Places

Visit some of our favorite places(add link) & get more information on Western North Carolina's natural beauty like the Blue Ridge Parkway.



Our two Maltese Dick & Jane.  They are so adorable &, yes, they are spoiled rotten!

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